Wednesday, August 6, 2014

To be inspired

Sometimes a little inspiration helps, so this post is not all about me and my cello today (I KNOW!! Shocking right???) I was very fortunate recently to be able to see 2cellos live in concert (from the 2nd row!! We were so close I could see every bead of sweat).  The concert was incredible.  These boys not only know how to work a crowd, but also to how to play a cello.  During the concert they used electric cellos and played mostly their popular songs.  The set list pace was great and had us all up, out of our seats and dancing.  Yes, I absolutely turned into a squealy fangirl for the night.  Shush. Don't judge me.

I have been following these boys for quite some time now.  I enjoy both their classical as well as contemporary performances.  I LOVE watching the way they play with such passion and the different techniques they use.  If you ever want to see a great concert from the comfort of your computer chair, check out this link to their FULL concert, "Live at Arena Pula - 2013"   or watch it underneath because I just learnt how to do that!

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration to keep on going so I thought I would write out my Top 10 list of go to videos when I need a bit of a cello pick me up.  While I fully and wholeheartedly acknowledge the skill, technique and passion of cellists such as YoYo Ma, Jacqueline Du Pre and Rostropovich, sometimes I just like something a little bit different...

  1. 2cellos.  Yeah, you totally knew that was gonna be on the list. Watch their concert above and you will understand why.  Otherwise, here is a nice short video of theirs that went viral not long ago.  "Thunderstruck"
  2. Piano Guys.  I started listening to the Piano Guys not long after I started playing the cello. Their style is very different to 2cellos, but everytime I watch one of their videos, I am sitting in slack jawed dreamy eyed enthrallment at how wonderful they are.  This was the first song I listened to of theirs and STILL continues to be one of my very favourites.  It is "The Cello Song"
  3. Tina Guo. She is incredibly diverse, but most of all I enjoy her Electric Cello Metal Rock.  It is intense and seriously HOT.  "League of Legends Live"
  4. Gabriel Royal is a Busker in Brooklyn. That is literally all I know about him except that his voice in combination with his cello playing...WIN! "On Again, Off Again Friend"
  5. What could be better than one cello? 120 cellos!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!! "Pirates of the Carribean soundtrack for 120 cellos"
  6. Rob Scallon.  Yes, ok, I know he has taped frets onto his cello.  He is primarily a guitar player but well, have a listen anyway... "Chop Suey"
  7. Ryan Knott.  This is one of my favourite dubstep songs done on cello.  The sounds this guys makes gives me serious full body shivers.  "Bangarang"
  8. Apocalyptica.  Rock Cellists. 'Nuff said.  This is "Ludwig Wonderland" from their Wagner Reloaded Live CD.
  9. Break of Reality.  Their bio says they are a Cello Rock Band, but they are nothing like Apocalyptica.  I would say they play very soft rock.  If you watch this video, you'll understand what I mean  "Let Her Go"
  10. Dirty Cello.  It's a little bit bluegrass/country.  Rebecca Roudman is the cellist "A Road or a Life"
So that's my top 10. It changes everyday.  There are some INCREDIBLE musical inspirations out there once you open your ears.  

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